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During our existence, La Bella Rosa School of Dance Arts has appeared at various expos and other events. Click on the link to view photos.

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About Us

La Bella Rosa School of Dance Arts was established in June 2007 by principal, Rosemarie Layne, to teach a range of dance styles and, furthermore, to train a corps of dancers for entertainment services. Using the Louise Woodvine Dance Academy as our base, we currently offer classes in Belly Dance at this facility.

The school made its first public appearance October 28, 2007 when the principal and two students performed at the 21st Anniversary Diwali Show held at the Ursuline Convent. Last year we

participated in the Healthy Lifestyles Extravaganza, the Seniors’ Expo’ , the Barbados Reiki Association’s Open Day and also performed at the Caribbean Development Bank's Christmas Party.

The principal is a dancer of over twelve years’ experience, most of which is in Ballroom and Latin dance. She has also taught a number of groups and individuals in Ballroom and Latin dance and has performed for various venues across Barbados. A former student of the Barbados Dance Theatre, she has also received instruction in Modern, Jazz, African, Caribbean Folk, as well as Choreography.

Over the past four years, she has further expanded her repertoire, studying the art of Middle Eastern/Egyptian Belly Dance.

For further information, please call (246) 435-7201 or e-mail

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Contact Us

To register for belly dance classes, or book Mira or a group for a performance for your event, please contact:

Rosemarie Layne
Principal/ Instructor

Tel:(246) 435-7201

Welcome message

Welcome to La Bella Rosa School of Dance Arts’ web site.

Rosemarie Layne


Once you begin your odyssey of belly dance, I am confident you will enjoy the experience immensely.

Belly dance works on several levels and has multiple benefits. By choosing this unique dance and exercise form, you should see welcome improvements in things such as posture, your digestion and circulatory system, the elimination of toxins, your ability to relax, your confidence level and an opportunity to affirm you femininity, while experiencing sheer joy and exhilaration!

As part of your support service, this site will provide diet and health tips, as well as other interesting tidbits, and generally keep you abreast of all the developments relevant to your class. If you are interested in working towards performing, I would be happy to work with you.

Thank you for visiting our belly dance site. Happy browsing!

La Bella
Rosa School
of Dance Arts

Bringing out your feminine allure!

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2009 Belly Dance Schedule

TERM II  - January 10 – March 28 (12-weeks) BEGINNERS

LEVEL  I   - SAT. 4.30 p.m. & Wed. 7.30 p.m.
 “Nour El


LEVEL  II & III - Sat 3.30 p.m. (at least two six –week sessions/ two
terms OR

previous dance experience)

Veil Dance – “Turbo Tabla 3”
Participation in Seniors Expo – Saturday, April 11    
Participation in Combermere


Pageant – Plantation Garden Theatre,  Sunday 
April 19
TERM III – APRIL 18, (22) and 25 (10-weeks) BEGINNERS

LEVEL II (at least six sessions/ one term completed)
Habibi Alli - upbeat, fun-filled choreography
Saturday 4.30 OR

5.30 p.m.

(at least two terms OR previous dance experience)
 Baladi ** - fast belly dance moves - more technique and

flair (arm/ hand positions, spins, pivots, hip twists, Ms, hops etc.)
Participation in Barbados

Reiki Open Day – Ursuline Convent Hall, Sunday, June 28


El Ain - Saturday 4.30 OR 5.30 p.m.

OR Wednesday 7.30 p.m.

weeks – July - August)

LEVEL II/INTERMEDIATE (8 sessions/ 1 term completed)
NEW Drum Solo - # 13, Around the World CD 
  ? SENIORS CLASS - Tues/ Thurs 11.30

a.m. – 12.30 p.m.

LEVEL I    - Noun El Ain  - Sat. 4.30 p.m. OR  Wed. 7.30 p.m.


SOLO – Sat. from (3.00/ 3.30 p.m.)
SEPTEMBER (TERM I) 12 weeks – Sat. & Wed. p.m. INTERMEDIATE

(at least two six-week sessions/ two terms) –
Veil choreography -


LEVEL II  - (if summer Beginners’ class)



LEVEL I  – “Noun El Ain”  (if workshop)
Habibi / Tabla Plus Dynamic

Drum Solo
CHRISTMAS PARTY – date to be announced    
JANUARY 2010    

– BEG. OR VEIL/ CHEFTETELLI – SAT. (from 3.00/ 3.30 p.m.)

(at least two six –week sessions/ two terms)
- Baladi** -   more

technique and flair

LEVEL II  - (if numbers warrant it)
“Habibi” & Cheftetelli*/ Veil  - Tabla Turbo 3

LEVEL I  – “Noun El Ain”  (if workshop)
Cheftetelli                 slow, basic four-count rhythm

Baladi                     lively,

traditional 4-beat rhythm   

History of Belly Dance

Boasting a long and colourful history, Belly Dance has been around for more than 25,000 years.

Some exponents dislike the term, deeming it degrading, while others embrace it, seeing it in tune with the symbolism of the belly. Also known as "Raks Sharki " (translated as "the dance of the people"), it was created to celebrate Mother Earth. In its early days it was a fertility ritual dance and also reflected basic life experiences.

Why belly dance?

Belly dancing taps into the hidden Goddess inside us and all we need to do is believe in ourselves and let the dancing begin.

It is excellent all-round exercise form for women of all ages as it is low-impact. It terms of the lower body, it slims the waist and tones the upper and lower abdominals, the hips, thighs and buttocks, and also strengthens the back and improves flexibility. Upper body-wise, belly dance firms and shapes the bust, the arms and the shoulders and generally improves posture. It is also cardiovascular in the various travelling steps and invigorating shimmies!

It can also be helpful in pregnancy because it engages in movements that can ease lower-back pain and build up abdominal and pelvic muscles needed during labour.

But beyond the physical benefits, Belly Dance offers more – the various twists and circular movements around the spine gently massage the internal organs (liver, kidneys - organs of elimination) bringing about more efficient functioning of the body as a whole.